The place of our company among the national leaders of the paint production sector is not the result of chance, but the result of more than half a century of hard work and development supported by our human resources. We are rich in human capital dedicated and committed to our policy of improvement and creation.

We can truly be proud of all our employees, internal and external, who have enabled us to brilliantly support the evolution of the paint production sector and meet the needs and requirements of our customers through an innovative, competitive and diversified offer. , dedicated to the building and industrial sectors. We salute the esteem and trust our loyal customers have placed in us and reiterate our commitment to continue to listen to their needs, advice and recommendations.

By consolidating customer satisfaction at the heart of our approach and our quality system, we are pursuing our development while maintaining a high sense of responsibility, professionalism and integrity.

On the basis of our know-how and our experience, we agree with you to develop all the synergies and resources to support the evolution of your needs and requirements.

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